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About Brown Dogs Trail Races

Brown Dogs trail running events is a family endeavor created in
order to give back to the endurance trail running world, the land, and the
outdoors, as well as local Vermont non-profits.


The Edebohls family is the face behind Brown Dogs Trail Races.
We moved from Georgia to Vermont and decided it was time to
start our own mountain trail running race company. Although our races are new to Vermont, we are not new to trail races and know how to put on professional and amazing trail running events.


Glenn does not consider himself an Ultrarunner, an endurance runner, or even a good runner for that matter. He just sees himself as a guy who has run countless miles and races primarily on a single track and in the mountains for over 40 years. He has a passion for the mountains, the outdoors, and running. He loves doing crazy, hard, beautiful things that at the end of the day did not seem so crazy, or maybe they did?


Erin is an amazing crew to her husband during long endurance events. She has volunteered at countless mountain trail races over the years and has helped many runners get in and out of aid stations better than they came in. Erin has run a few trail 1/2 marathons, but prefers hiking in the woods or riding her gravel grinder. We've all got our personal jams!


Grant is known by many endurance runners and aid station volunteers for his amazing PB&Js and abilities to hand out many waters and sodas at aid stations. Grant has participated in a 6-hour event and is thinking of adding a few more races to his resume. Grant also prefers his gravel grinder and kayak but is always ready to help out at any running event.


Grant in February of 2019 running his first 6-hour race finishing seconds before the cutoff


Meghan isn't that into the ultra and race scene, but damn can this kid run a fast short distance and has some killer natural running form. Meghan, like
her brother, knows a thing or two about working an aid station and helping
runners to get them moving again. Meghan can spot a runner who needs
pickle juice a mile away! Meghan is always amazed how pickle juice or warm
broth can bring a runner back from the grips of a drop or DNF!


When you raise your kids in the endurance running world, they learn a
thing or two about runners and runner's needs, giving back to a group of amazing humans, and protecting and showcasing the planet's beautiful natural resources we runners love to explore.


Grant & Meghan working their first aid station in January of 2016

The Brown Dogs

You may wonder where did we come up with the name Brown Dogs Trail Races? Well, this is a family business and our two chocolate labs Denali and McKinley  are a big part of our family!

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