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Brown Dogs Trail Races Policies

                                  Coronavirus Policy Updates

A planned race will take place unless the event is not allowed to be permitted by state law or agencies. We are closely monitoring local state and federal health authorities' regulations to bring a safe race event by following and adhering to all local, state, federal and CDC guidelines. Our, race check-in, packet pickup, race briefing, aid stations, start and finish area, volunteers and staff, and policy might appear to be a bit different during these times; however we strive to provide the safest race environment that we can. Runners are known to be adaptable people, please be adaptable to the policies, they are in place for the well-being of everyone.


We are runners too; we get it, you put your hard-earned money down months before a race, and
unexpected and unpredictable things happen and you find yourself unable to race! Because of
the expense of putting on an event, we can only offer a 50% cash refund, excluding Ultra
Sign-up fees, if you withdraw from the race, in writing, 4 weeks prior to race day.
We do not allow full refunds nor do we allow you to transfer entry to any other runner at
at any time for any reason.

You must give no less than 2 weeks notice before your event to receive a 50% transfer of the paid entry fee, excluding Ultra Sign-up fees, to another event hosted by Brown Dogs Trail Races within the next one  year. Transfers are not possible until race registration opens for the event you choose to transfer to and the remaining balance be paid to the upcoming event.
All race entries will close 48 hours before the event unless the limit sells out beforehand and no day of race entry is allowed.

Brown Dog Trail Races Cancellation Policy:
We do not like to think about delaying, rescheduling, or canceling an event, however, unforeseen events and circumstances out of our control do pop up from time to time. We reserve the right to cancel a planned event based upon many factors including, but not limiting to, the following

1: Permit pulled by governing agency requesting us to cancel for any reason.

2: Circumstances that make the race impossible or dangerous in the opinion of the RD, not
limiting to fire, smoke, extreme heat/cold, flooding/snow, other acts of God, or other
unforeseen circumstances.

In the event of a race cancellation, runner entry is not refunded under any circumstance.
Brown Dog Trail Races will allow transfer to another event within 2 months of equal or lesser
value. Or once the canceled race is rescheduled, the entered runner has the ability to fully
transfer into the rescheduled event within 2 years.
Please understand that Brown Dog Trail Races takes the safety of all involved seriously, from
runners, volunteers, staff, and people involved. Safety is job #1 for us. We need to consider many factors and do not make or take any decision lightly. 
Exceptions will not be possible and please understand pre-registration is a risk.

Refund Policies:

Your understanding of this policy is greatly helpful to all of us.


At the time of bib/packet pickup: You must present your government-issued photo ID in order
to pick up your bib and race packet.


Cut-off times: They are in place for the safety of all involved participating in the event, please do not give any Aid Station (AS) worker or volunteer a hard time if you did not make the cut-off for any
reason. No one at an AS has the authority to allow a runner to continue who did not make it in and out of their AS before cut off!

The AS captain has the authority to pull anyone from the race for any of the following reasons:

1: The runner does not have the pre-required and pre-checked gear with them

2: If the runner is showing signs of being too weak or sick to continue safely or if the runner gives too much attitude to anyone involved with the race.

If you drop or are pulled please give your bib to the AS captain. The AS captain must be made aware you have dropped! 

If you are pulled or dropped it may take time until the end of the race to get you back to the finish area. Note: we will do our best to get you back the safest and quickest way possible, but an AS worker can not leave the AS to drive you back. In case of an emergency situation, the AS worker will get word to emergency services as quickly as possible. Remember, it will take emergency services more time to arrive to a remote location.


Race manuals will be emailed to all registered runners two weeks prior to the event outlining the most current race information. It is up to the registered runner to understand all race policy and inform crew/ pacers or safety runners what is required from them.


Brown Dog Trail Races offers equal opportunity for all, in other words, we do not tolerate discrimination for any reason including but not limited to disability, age, gender, race, inequality, or religious beliefs.


Runner drop bags are only permitted if specified in the information of the specific event
and drop bags must meet the required size and marking requirements. Pacers/safety/companion runners, crew, etc. are not permitted unless specified in specific race information.


If pacers/safety/companion runners are permitted during the event, there shall only be one on course
at a time. This person must have a pacer/safety/companion runners bib issued at the time of
packet pick up. All pacer/safety/companion runners must present their government-issued
photo ID and sign a waiver in order to be on course.

We welcome family and crew:


It is the registered runner's responsibility to inform all crew/family etc. of the race rules and policies.


Aid Station food is only for registered runners. All pacers/safety/companion runners must be self-reliant with food, water, etc.

No one may mule supplies for the registered runner! Crew are only allowed at pre-determined locations.

Pet Policy: Yes our race company is named in honor of our chocolate labs, and, yes, we love all pets. With that said, we must have a strict, non-negotiable policy that no pets are allowed at our events for the safety and well-being of everyone. We will require all pets to be taken back home if you bring them with you.

Courses are subject to change without notice:

Courses may change for weather or trail closures, per our permits but we will never change the course just because we want to change it. Once we start taking entries, the course map and elevation will be posted for each race on our Races/Events page.

Please read over all race-specific information that is emailed to you before the race. Please have all family, crew, etc. understand the race rules and policies.


Please drop us a line with any questions or concerns regarding our race policies and race information.

Please respect one another and have fun!

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