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I am excited for Brown Dogs Trail Races! Glenn, Erin, Grant, and Meghan will bring amazing trail events to Vermont and other north east venues. I know that they will host professional events and fantastic venues. The Edebohls have spent countless hours helping at many of my races; from trail maintenance, check-in, running aid stations, and sweeping my courses. No matter day or night, I know if they tell me they will do something they do it and do it well. I would not hesitate to sign up and run one of their events and you should too!


Sean “Run Bum” Blanton 

Race Director

Run Bum Races 

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I am excited for the launch of Brown Dogs Trail Race! As a Race Director of the Rabun Half and Run the Cohuttas, I can always count on the Edebohls Family’s help at my races, from running aid stations, to finish line timing, or whatever I might need help with. I know they will be fantastic race directors and will host professional and amazing events.  

Susan Burkley

Race Director

Rabun Half and Run The Cohuttas  

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We first met the Edebohls Family in 2017 while volunteering at our first ultra. We were working the night shift and had no idea what to do, and the race director knew that placing us with this experienced crew would be the perfect fit. The Edebohls made us feel so welcome and they showed us the ropes on running an aid station. It was clear that they were a well-oiled machine, and they also seemed to know most of the runners that came through! They even made the runners they didn’t know feel like family when they arrived. It was clear that Glenn, Erin, Meghan, and Grant were well respected and trusted by race directors and they served as a perfect model of how to run an aid station for when we would be aid station captains in the future.

We realized quickly that the Edebohls were an integral part of the trail and ultra community in the southeast at races and beyond. They were involved in establishing the family vibe within the community through other events as well such as group runs and camping adventures where they welcomed any and all runners. They prioritize inclusivity and want to ensure everyone feels at home and has fun. We greatly miss them here in Georgia and can’t wait to run one of their races in Vermont. We are confident that any event they host will be well supported and thoroughly planned. We love you, Edebohls Family!


Kyle Boykin and Perrin Clavijo

Brown Dog Trail Races is sure to bring you one of the best racing experiences on the East coast! The directors are very thoughtful and skillful in putting together a quality event for the trail community. They know what makes runners happy and are definitely going to provide you with an amazing race experience from the time you sign up until the time you drive away reminiscing about the weekend. Trails are their home and runners are their family! Become part of the family!

Dr. Lauren Cortjens, DC, CCSP

Owner, Head Coach

Sports Performance Concepts


For those of you that don’t know Glenn and Erin you are in for a treat! The trail and ultrarunning community feels like a family so it’s natural that families would be drawn to loving and supporting each other throughout training and race day and y’all this power couple is a great example of how amazing that is when it all comes together. This family gets it and it’s such a natural fit and a gift to the trail community to have them step into the role of race directing.


Glenn is a very accomplished ultra runner and has been a dedicated supporter of others in the trail and ultra community. From running to pacing and volunteering he’s done it all and more importantly they’ve done it together. They have seen first hand what it takes to make a race a success.


I have no doubt they will give you an experience you’ll cherish and an abundance of support on your journey. You can count on them to give you a top notch event.

Becca Jones

Race Director

BMFJ Events and Endurance

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I'd like to tell you a little story about how I met Glenn & Erin. You see the very first time I caught a glimpse of these two was when Erin was crewing for Glenn at a race. We met in passing and that was it. But not long after, I got to really work with Glenn, Erin, Meghan and Grant at a race we were all volunteering at. At first I thought, why in the world would you bring your kids to this sort of things. Then I grew envious that their kids wanted to be there AND be with them! Holy smokes right?!

Well fast forward a couple years and I myself started co race directing and I came to grow on the needs of having strong people in my corner. People who were dependable, strong, caring and compassionate for their fellow runners. I knew no matter what shift, what duty, what ever task I presented to Glenn & Erin I would be matched with a full steam ahead, let’s get it done, let’s do it right and let’s get those runners moving attitude, even at 3 am! You certainly don’t find people like these every day. Also, I should mention that Grant is a fine maker of all things coffee! Yum!! 

But most importantly there was a time that Glenn and I happened to not be volunteering at a race together, we were actually running a race. The same event Dam Yeti 50/50k. Glenn did the 50 miler and I did the 50k. Whoa was I under trained for the event and it showed up in every possible issue out on course. I had my husband out there crewing for me, but let me tell you I saw Erin on course twice and each time she saved me, saved my feet and most definitely my spirit. On my way back to the finish line I was on the struggle bus like no bodies business, being passed by so many people. Having serious pain in my foot to the point I was hobbling as best I could. I was probably 4-5 miles from the finish line  and I heard someone call out my name. I turned around and it was Glenn coming in to finish his 50, wow was I so happy - so happy I cried to have a friendly face. We locked hands for a couple minutes and I tried to run with him. I wanted him to finish and not slow him down. We both gave out encouraging words and he was off, his words gave me enough strength to get it in gear and push for the finish!! 

I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Glenn & Erin! I am so excited they are going to start directing races. They will be so supportive, amazing and encouraging directors!!! Full steam ahead!! 

Jenn Thomas 


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